The Swiss Pacific Story

Founded in 2012 by leaders in the manufacturing and well water industries, Swiss Pacific Pumps, Inc. has set it's self apart in the well water industry by bringing to market high performance, reliable pump products at a low cost.

We have achieved this mission by carefully controlling engineering design, materials and extensive product testing.

For example, every single submersible product we sell is run tested in pressurized water chambers... twice. Every motor is benched tested for correct amp and thermal specifications. But, we don't stop there, we run our liquid ends checking sound levels to ensure the impeller stacks and bearings run smooth.

The UltraTorque® motor is designed

for lower start up AND running power

draw. This is key for reliability due to

less operating temperatures over the

life of the motor.

The entire UltraTorque® motor line is compatible with all common control boxes making retro fits and replacements more convenient and faster.

Available in a wide range of sizes and horsepower output. 

All UltraTorque® Motors come with an 18 month warranty and can be extended through our distributor warranty program.

UltraTorque Motors

The entire line of Swiss Pacific's UltraTorque® motors have been designed for 3 things...