Swiss Pacific Product Technical Data 
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3 Inch Stainless/Delrin® Submersibles Pumps
3 in Strom Professional Stainless/Noryl Pumps
3 in Wire Length Charts
Ultra Torque Motors
4in  Single Phase Motors
4in Three Phase Motors
4in Oil Filled Motors 60hz
6in One & Three Phase Motors
8 and 10 in Motors
4 Inch Thermoplastic Submersible Pumps
4 Inch Stainless/Noryl Submersible Pumps
4in  5GPM Strom Professional 
4in 10GPM Strom Professional
4in 13GPM Strom Professional 
4in 18GPM Strom Professional 
4in  7GPM Strom Professional 
4in 25GPM Strom Professional 
4in 35GPM Strom Professional 
4in 40GPM Strom Professional 
4in  10 GPM Strom Professional Composite
4in 15 GPM Strom Professional Composite
4in 20 GPM Strom Professional Composite
4in 55GPM Strom Professional 
4in 25 GPM Strom Professional Composite
4in 60GPM Strom Professional 
4in 80GPM Strom Professional 
6 Inch 85, 150, 230 and 300 GPM All Stainless Pump Ends
6" 85,150,230 and 300 GPM Stainless Product Range and
performance curves
8 Inch 385 and 475 GPM All Stainless Pump Ends
8" 385 and 475 GPM All Stainless Product Range and performance curves
10 Inch 625, 800 and 1100 GPM All Stainless Pump Ends
10" 625, 800 and 1100 GPM All Stainless Product Range and performance curves
Bottom Suction Pump
BSP Series Automatic Bottom Suction Pumps
Booster Pumps
SPQ Series Automatic Booster Pumps
Fountain Series Pumps
55 GPM Fountain Pumps
85 GPM Fountain Pumps