Add quality, performance and reliability to your pump products. Ultra Torque Motors and control boxes from Swiss Pacific Pumps, are a proven standard in motor technology. We back our motors with a limited 2 year warranty or an available 5 year warranty. All Ultra Torque Motors are 100% wet and pressure tested to ensure out of the box reliability and performance. Compatible with all leading brand control boxes, Ultra Torque Motors work with new or existing installations.


Over 20 years of proven reliable performance!


• Low energy consumption

• Compatible with all leading motor controllers

• Constructed with quality materials

• 100% Wet & Pressure tested

• Proven reliability over 20 years of worldwide use

• 2 year limited or (available) 5 year extended warranty

• Best price for a performance motor on the market

• Supplied to Distributor or OEM only

Available in 4” in the following configurations:


.5, .75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, and 10


2 Wire 115v & 230v 60hz.

3 Wire 115v & 230v 60hz.

3 Phase 230v and 460v 60hz.


The entire product range of Ultra Torque Motors uses much less energy than the  leading brand motors* This significantly reduces operating costs and increases motor reliability compared to other products on the market.

*All charts are a representation of actual data collected in a laboratory environment simulating real world application. Data displayed was collected under actual running conditions of motors in real world simulated conditions with same baseline liquid end.  The accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the furnished data is not guaranteed or warranted in any way. Swiss Pacific, Inc, Swiss Pacific Pumps, and/or it's representatives disclaim liability of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, liability for quality, performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose arising out of the use, or inability to use the data.