Swiss Pacific Exhibits In Orlando

 May 6 - 7, 2016

What a show! So many great people and so many new friends. If we were lucky enough to meet you at the 2016 Florida Ground Water Association show… thank you! The Swiss Pacific Team, Lee, Tom, Ron and Karen were on hand to welcome all to our very first trade show, and what a show it was!

Some folks stopped by to check out our fully functional Water Warrior Sump Pump demonstration and the all new Strom Bottom Suction Pump. Others, were all over the most efficient submersible motor on the market and our very own Ultra Torque line of motors. And many other attendees took the time for a photo op with our brand new line of VFD booster pumps.

Many people were blown away with our innovative NO MOVING FLOAT PARTS Sump Pump. Yep, kiss the rusty old float switch goodbye forever! Our switch never touches the water….. ever! Add to that the most powerful battery back up pump on the market… 24V and over 50 normal cycles per hour. It’s easy to see why people were talking.

But the buzz didn’t stop there! Our liquid ends had the spotlight with a wide range of Strom and Swiss Pacific products to look at. And, yes, even our control boxes raised some brows, it’s 100 % compatible with the leading brand pumps. 


These are just a fraction of what we offer in our complete products line. To get the full story call us at 800-770-3860 or click on the CONTACT LINK HERE. No pressure on answers from general to the toughest tech questions, we are here to help!

Our next upcoming event:

November 16 -17 2016

Swiss Pacific Pumps will be exhibiting at the Ohio Water Well Association (OWWA) Columbus, Ohio November 16 -17 2016

Give Us a call at 800-770-3860 and we will get you in free! 

Mark your calendars   

December 6 - 8 2016

Swiss Pacific Pumps will be exhibiting at the NGWA Groundwater Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV. 

Come visit our booth 452 to see our newest and most innovated product lines!  Our fun, friendly and knowledgable engineers as well as our sales team awaits your visit. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Save the dates and be sure to drop by our booth! We will make your visit worth your time!

Also… mark your calendar for FGWA 2017

May 11 - 13, 2017

 Swiss Pacific Pumps sales team is looking forward to the next FGWA Convention, sharing their vast knowledge of the industry and showing off our latest and most innovated product line. Save the dates and come see us!

Keep checking back with us for future trade shows and our news letter updates.