BEST in the industry price to performance of ANY solar pump system. Introducing the entirely redesigned Strom SolarTorque solar submersible pumps system.  The heart of the systems is the popular Strom 3 in submersible pump and the highly efficient Strom DC to AC converter. 

FLEXIBLE! Choose either the 15 stage deep set pump for high head applications or the 10 stage High Flow model. Depending of the job, Solar panels can be added to increase performance of each unit.

•Durable stainless steel construction.

•Highly efficiency and durable DC to AC converter/controller. 

•Weather Resistant NEMA 3R  enclosure.

•Very flexible use, Flow rates and head heights can be adjusted with number of solar panels.

•Includes Grid Switch for easy switching between AC service and DC PV  power.

•Industry leading UltraTorque 3/4 hp, 3 phase, 3450 RPM motor.

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