Introducing the latest in the family of Strom Submersibles! Advanced computer controlled  constant pressure system for 3inch or larger wells. The state of the art Variable Frequency Drive system is designed to digitally control the pump motor speed as the pressure demand changes. This provides you with the convenience of constant pressure along with advanced pump system protection and diagnostics.


At the heart of the pump is efficient and reliable UltraTorque motor designed to run up to 6,000 RPM with soft start and extremely smooth motor speed control. Coupled with the Strom 3 inch pump the unit provide years of  maintenance free comfort. All of this is available in both normal and deep set models to cover the entire normal range of well depths.


The system comes prewired with a Danfoss pressure transducer mounted in a convection cooled NEMA 3R standard indoor rated enclosure. (outdoor rated enclosure also available).

We are so confident in the performance and reliability of our 3 inch VFD system that we offer a THREE YEAR warranty on pump and motor through our Premium Dealer Program for exceptional value and  piece of mind.

An advanced 3 inch submersible designed to fit 3” inside diameter casings!

Operational Features:

• Soft Start motor control to prevent

    hammering and overheating

• Dry Run Protection to prevent pump damage

• Overload Protection to prevent pump damage

• Under & Over volt protection to increase

    pump life

• Super easy “Set Pressure” with push

    button up/down arrows 

• LED pressure, status and diagnostic display

• Keypad lockout on VFD controller

• High quality pressure transducer

Technical Features:

• Pump & motor fits INSIDE of a 3 inch

    ID casing WITH wire guard installed.

• Ultra Torque three phase 230V 

  2 hp energy efficient motor

• 3” Delrin® Impellers

• Stainless Steel Housing

• Stainless Steel Shaft

• Indoor or outdoor VFD controller

    enclosures available

• VFD powered by a Single phase

    230v  circuit.

• Normal and deep set cover a wide

    range of flow and TDH specifications


•    Residential potable water supply from deep

     and shallow wells.

•    Irrigation and other agricultural applications.

•    Water tank and cistern applications

•    Light commercial water supply


UltraDrive Performance Curves

Performance Curves